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Full automatic band saw machine GZ4232K
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PLC program control, setting the cutting process.
Grating position feeding length, single-precision feed control within 0.2mm.
Processing size can be set to 1~5 groups.
Each group can be set once the feed length 50000mm.
Each group can be set once the number of processing elements is 1-999.
Jaws around the same time release / clamping jaws easy to wear.
Circulating hydraulic oil cooling system, the oil temperature is not easy to rise.
Automatic saw blade sweep crumbs device to prevent the accumulation of sawdust in the jagged,effective protection band saw blades.
Broken belt protection function, when the saw blade breaks or cassette, the machine can automatically shut down to protect the machine and workpiece.
Clamping detachable hydraulic system that allows a plurality of multilayer workpiece while cutting.



 Cutting Capacity(mm)●320
 Blade Speed(m/min)30/46/58/83
 Blade Specifications(mm)1.1*34*4115
 Main motor power(kw)4
 Hydraulic motor power(kw)0.75
 Machine Size(mm)2100*2000*1350
 Work pieceHydraulic

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